We are the rabbit family

W e ' r e   a   h a p p y   f a m i l y

The first date

10 SEP 2016

The Dad Rabbit

Hi I am Dad. I love my familly at all times .I am kind and generous. If anyone approaches mine with a genuine need i helps them to whatever extent i can

Quang Duy

The Mother Rabbit

Hi I am mommy .I try to be strong, but I'm really weak. I have a cute princess and I love my family very much .I'm still a princess with my husband at home

Hong Hanh

The Rabbit

Hi I am Rabbit , I am a little princess. I eat a lot and cry a lot .I will grow faster and will love my parents more

Kim Ngan


Hi I am yumi .I Love My MOM and DAD

Tu Van

We are love forever ..... The love time

Our love story

First meet

July 26 2014

A family trip of parents' classmates

First date

Sep 10 2016

I remember we has this date in Indochina Cau Giay .I love her so much


Jan 22 2018

That day was tiring but also very happy

The rabbit was born

Sep 15 2018

When I first saw rabbits, I knew I would try to be a good father

Yumi was born

Jan 15 2021

That day was very tiring but also very happy too

We are going to... Celebrate Our Love